Video: 1,000HP Volar-e hits the race track

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Applus Idiada, a Spanish design firm, recently unleashed on the race track the Volar-e, an electric concept race car. The Volar-e took center stage when it went around the Circuit de Catalunya just near Barcelona.

The concept electric race car has a combined output of 1,000HP and a torque of 737 lb-ft making it one of the most aggressive electric vehicles in the world today. The power comes from the combined output 4 electric motors dependent on a lithium ion battery pack.

The battery of the Volar-e consits of ten individual cells and has a 38 kWh rating. The maker claims that the battery pack can be charged within 20 minutes using a fast charger. The car is also equipped with a regenerative system that helps top up the system when driver hits the brakes.

The Volar-e features technologies that were developed by the Spanish firm in collaboratin with Rimac Automobili of Croatia. The latter also recently unwrapped its electric car that outputs 1,088 horses.

Applus Idiada claims that the Volar-e can rush from 0 to 62 miles an hour in just 3.4 seconds and can easily get to 186mph for its top speed. The maker did not mention the range of the vehicle but we guess it will be a bad PR since for sure the battery of the electric race car will be depleted quicker especially with aggressive driving.

The European Commission funded half of the project, which is said to help address the doubt of consumers on electric vehicles. These issues include the range of the vehicle and charging times.

Back to Basics: Nissan UK unveils 142HP diesel Navara Visia

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Nissan-Navara-Visia-1Nissan widens the options for fans of the Navara in the United Kingdom with the unveiling of the more affordable entry-grade Visia.

The new Navara Visia version of the double cab pickup truck sports a 2.5L diesel powerplant and can now be ordered starting at GBP 17,795. This version of the Navara is a lot more affordable than the Acenta that goes for GBP 19,411. Deliveries of the Visia will kick off come January 2013.

The 2.5L diesel engine of the Navara Visia can give out 142 horsepower and a torque of 258 lb-ft. It has a fuel mileage of 39.8mpg city based on UK standards and a combined cycle of 33.6 mpg.

Nissan made some simple tweaks to make the ride more affordable. Instead of the flat wiper blades, they fitted it with the conventional blades. The front grill and the door handles also come in black instead of the usual chrome. The designers also used a single tone bumper in front.

The Visia comes standard with a part-time FWD setup, central door locking, air conditioning, airbags, Bluetooth connectivity, CD player, and ESP.

According to Nissan, the towing capacity of the Navara Visia is pegged at 5,723 lbs while its payload capacity can be as much as 2,756 pounds.

Lexus announces pricing for LS Range in UK, starts at £71,995

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Lexus recently announced the pricing details for its redesigned LS sedan in the United Kingdom prior to deliveries starting January next year.

The prices for the competition to Mercedes’ S-Class starts at £71,995 for the Lexus LS 460 Luxury. The tag price rises to £74,495 for the F Sport trim of the LS 460 while the top of the line LS 600h L Premier goes for £99,495.

The LS 460 is being re-introduced to the British market following the clamor of consumers. It is powered by the 4.6L V-8 petrol engine that gives out 382 bhp. Linked to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The hybrid variant features a V-8 engine working in combo with electric motors with a total output of 439 bhp.

The LS 460 Luxury features a host of extras including a set of 18-inch alloy rims, bi-xenon headlights, daytime running LED lights, a premium audio system, DVD player, and a central display for the infotainment system.

The F Sport has all features of the Luxury trim plus 19-inch rims, Brembo brakes, damping system, limited slip differential, modified suspension system, and styling upgrades for both the exterior and interior.

The Premier hybrid version pours a range of comfort provisions including a climate concierge that makes use of sensors to monitor the temperature of the face of each of the occupant, reclining rear seats, and electric footrests.

Preview of the 2013 Audi R8

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Audi recently revealed full images of the updated R8 that heads to their dealerships early 2013. The R8 range will be getting a new S tronic gearbox with seven speeds and doing away with the automated manual R tronic transmission. There will still be some models that will have a conventional six-speed manual gearbox. Another big update is that the R8 supercar will be getting a V-10 for its top billing version.

The new Audi R8 has been facelifted and now sports revised headlamps, daytime driving lights, and design lines that somehow give it a different overall shape. The design of the grille is still similar to the current model as well as the splitter and air dams on the side. Buyers can get a new carbon fiber splitter as an option or as a standard issue for the V10 plus.

The tail end gets some LED detailing while the turn and tail lights have also been revised. All models of the new R8 will sport a twin-exhaust pipe.

The engine range is basically the same. The base R8 comes with a 4.2L V-8 that gives out 430 horsepower and a torque of 317 lb-ft. This is paired with a 7-speed transmission with dual clutch. This engine can bring the supercar from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. Its speedometer can go as fast as 186 mph. The V-8 Spyder can achieve the same feat in 4.5 seconds with its top speed hitting 186 mph.

The 5.2L V-10 still has a rating of 525hp and a torque of 390 lb-ft. This one gets 0 to60 in a matter of 3.6 seconds while its top speed reaches 195 mph. The V-10 Spyder can do the same for 3.8 seconds with a top speed a bit down at 193 mph.

The top of the line V-10 plus can give out 550 horses and a torque of 398 lb-ft. This only comes as coupe and achieves the 0 to 60 sprint in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of roughly 197 mph. You can distinguish the V10 plus due to the custom rims, additional aerodynamic elements, and blackened elements.

Lamborghini opens its firsts showroom in Russia

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Autoweek-Lamborghini-premier-in-MoscowIf you know the car scene in Moscow, definitely you know that there is no shortage of the Lamborghini’s on the road. These supercars are clear indication of the new found wealth of Russians that is behind the splurge for the things they love.

Russians though who want the Italian supercar in their garage have been resorting to buying second hand vehicles or going thru all the trouble of importing a new Lamborghini because the brand did not have any dealership in Russia. The times are changing though.

Lamborghini has seen the market in Russia as a good one and they signed up with yacht and luxury car retailer Burevestnik Group based in Moscow to have their first dealership.

In celebration of their appointment, a kick off event attended by Lamborghini top executives, owners of Lamborghini, and celebrities, politicians, and sports personalities in Russia was held at the Collector Gallery .

The guests during the event were welcomed by the introduction of the LP700-4 Aventador from the Lamborghini garage and was followed by a fashion show that featured the best of accessories and clothing from the fashion line of Lamborghini.

The Burevestnik Group is still constructing the Lamborghini showroom but have setup a temporary sales office at the Crocus City Mall. Once the official showroom is completed, it will be housing sales, accessory sales, and services or in short a complete line of products from the Italian car marque.

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Brabus gives 2012 B Class of Mercedes-Benz upgrade treatment

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Just as the new B Class of Mercedes-Benz rolls out into the markets of Europe, tuning companby Brabus releases their latest tweaks for the small Mercedes MPV. The German tuning firm introduces upgrades for the chassis, exterior, and interior plus some engine kits that will be on the market before the end of 2012.

The 2012 B Class gets a Brabus aero kit which installs a new front spoiler that is linked directly to the bumper in front and a diffuser housed in a rear apron. The ride also gets a quad tail exhaust setup.

Brabus also offers several options for the alloy rims. There are five sets of 19 inch alloy rims with different designs hugged by 225/35R19 for the front and 255/30R19 for the rear. The Brabus Mercedes B Class also has a more aggressive stances as it gets a lowering kit that allows it to be 30 mm closer to the ground. The tweaked B Class also promises an improved handling.

The new B Class also gets Brabus options for the interior. It gets options to have a bi-color scuff plates made of stainless steel, leather seats, a host of multimedia systems, and pins for the door locks made of aluminum.

New plug-in hybrid Volvo V69 start at £47,000

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The new Volvo V60 that runs on diesel and electric powertrain will be rolling out in the UK market come spring time and has a tag price of £47,000. This car though will qualify the buyer for a £5,000 car grant from the government which can bring the price down to £42,000.

The plug-in V60 will be marketed by Volvo as the V60 D6 with carbon dioxide emission of just 49 grams per kilometer. No figures were disclosed yet about the fuel economy of the ride but we can expect this as the launch comes near. The front wheels of the D6 will be depending on a 2.4L turbodiesel poweplant that gives out 212 bhp and a torque of 324 lb-ft paired with a six speed automatic gearbox.

The all wheel drive setup is completed on the rear axle by the electric motor that gives out 69 bhp and a torque of 147 lb ft. The electric motor depends on a pack of lithium ion battery stored under the floor of the boot. Set the driving mode on Pure (there is also Power and Hybrid) and you will be able to cruise for 32 miles. The electric only driving range will be enough for the daily European driver according to studies done by Volvo. The hybrid mode can bring drivers thru 746 miles.

The Power mode is specifically designed to bring the best performance of the hybrid setup. The driver will be able to make use of the maximum potential of the car’s engine and zoom from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 6.2 seconds.

Another great feature of the Volvo V60 D6 is the option to switch on an electrical AWD mode which is more economical than a mechanical system and only used during low grip scenarios like when driving in mud or snow.

Production will have an initial release of 1,000 units and is expected to ramp up to 6,000 cars per year thru 2013.

BMW uncovers features of future 3-Series

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German car manufacturer BMW recently unveiled the features of the seventh generation 3-Series which is set to roll out by 2020. The design philosophy for the BMW 3-Series focuses on being safer, more economical, and more functional. The emission of this 3-Series is expected to be a lot lower since it will be dealing with the stricter requirements in 2020.

The future BMW 3-Series might have the following features:

3 cylinder diesel engine with turbo and electric motor assist

The next generation 3-Series will make use of a three-cylinder powerplant as the carmaker aims to drop the CO2 emission of the engine to around 77grams per kilometer which is a lot better than the set 95 g/m set for 2020.

Improved gas engine

There will still be petrol engines by 2020 for the 3-Series. These engines are more cost efficient to build compared to diesel powerpants. The car manufacturer is planning to include features like self ignition and combined injector. It plans to cut the CO2 emission by 80 g/km by 2020 and 70 g/km by 2025.

Enclosed engine

The engine of the next generation BMW 3-Series will almost be enclosed. Designers are also installing an undertray for the whole length of the car to make sure that the drag is decreased significantly.


A number of laser sensors will be used to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other motor vehicles on the road.


Engineers will also equip the BMW 3-Series with laser headlamps which is twice more efficient than the LEDs that we know of today.

Wheel housings

A lot of efforts are being poured into designing wheel housing which are more aerodynamic. The design draws inspiration from the i8 so the next gen 3-Series will be using scoops o direct air so the drag and turbulence can be decreased.


Even the brake setup will consider lesser drag on the car. Instead of having the brake pads on the disc, BMW will have an intelligent braking system which will only bring them out when the driver is about to step on the brake.

Other notable features include 9-speed automatic gearbox, adjustable suspension, 3D navigational system, and high tech infotainment system.

Mercedes-Benz takes out SL600 and SL65 AMG from 2012 line up

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For its 2012 product line up, luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz decided to take out the SL600 and the SL65 AMG sledgehammer that belong to the V-12 SL-Class line. The reason for this is to pave the way for the debut of the newly revamped 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class which is due late next year.

Anyway, here’s a recap of the kicked out SL models. The SL600 comes with a 5.5-liter V12 engine with a massive 510 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque. This model has been kicked out of the lineup first without any press release from Mercedes-Benz.

The second to take the knife is the SL65 AMG that is powered with a 6.0-liter V12 engine with an impressive 640 HP and 740 lb-ft of torque. This time, Mercedes-Benz made a statement that the model is being taken out of the 2012 product line to give way to its new 2013 baby.

Of course, the automotive community is speculating that one of the reasons behind this is the poor sales of the two models as well as the existence of the SLS AMG model, which is somehow less in power but carries the same price tag. Moreover, there’s the issue of the SLS AMG Roadster that kept stealing the spotlight from the two kicked out models.
What we want to know is whether the brand will make the V12 models obsolete to give way to the V8 units which are more fuel efficient. Well, let’s hope they would still keep some V12 units on hand.

First Photos of C63 AMG Black Series by Mercedes Benz surfaces

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New reports say that the C63 AMG Black Series by Mercedes Benz might be unveiled before the end of this month during the German Grand Prix. The coupe was first spied during its test runs at the Nurbugring back in May.

The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series will sport a V8 6.2L engine that can give out 510 horsepower or more with a torque of 640 Nm. Most likely the powerful engine will transfer its brute force to the wheels via a Speedshft 7-speed MCT gearbox that will allow the car to go at a whopping 300 kilometers per hour as limited. Given these specs, the C63 AMG Black Series can easily blast from 0 to 100 kph in a matter of 4 seconds.

It was first assumed that this Black Series release might have a bi turbo 5.5L V8 which has more oomph in terms of horsepower and torque. We will update you as soon as we have the official numbers.

Aside from the Black Series modifications, consumers can also expect coilover suspension that is adjustable, a rear differential with locking fucntion, and the car to roll on a 19 inch alloy rim.

It was also confirmed that the new Black Series coupe will have four seats and has been configured to be used on a daily basis with only 20 kilos cut off from its curb weight. The car will also not have limited production. Tag price is expected to be at around €100,000.